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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rehabilitation Day 2: Get UP Stand Up!

Our little Miniature Super- Schnauzer was able to stand up by herself today! She stood on all four and jump around a bit, before collapsing. She got three "long" walks in the harness and her confidence and strength grows steadily. I’m glad she does not weigh more than she does, as my arm I somewhat tired after a walk.

Cola now goes to the toilet all by herself, without any problems, and she no longer has diarrhea!

I bought a Nylabone for her today, so that she has something to gnaw on and play with. She shows no interest in toys and bones that does not smell or taste good, and anything edible disappears within minutes, so I figured it was worth a try. She loves it!

The walking harness got a few adjustments today, and it now works fantastically. She does not seem to be able to keep warm enough in it at this point though, and I discovered that I could use the harness coat that I made for her last weekend on top of the walking harness. This solves the problem!

3xTENS today, and a lot of luring her to jump around the living room. Tomorrow I'll take her to the hospital, for a walk in the water walker treadmill!

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