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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rehabilitation Day 3: Water Walker Treadmill Disaster

Cola stood up by herself several times today, and she tries to jump around a bit. She falls down often, but responds very well to praise and keeps trying.

The water walker treadmill was not the positive experience that I had hoped for it to be. Cola refuses to use all legs but the left front leg, while in the water.

The water walker treadmill is a great tool for rehabilitation, but sadly I do not think it will do much good for my dog. She’s been in it before and was not to happy about it then either, as she hates water, but this time she became downright depressed by it. I've decided to concentrate on TENS, walks and massages for now. She got 2xTENS today.

Schnauzers have got a lot of fur under their paws, and to make sure that Cola has a good grip on the floor I removed all fur underneath her paws today.

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