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Friday, February 5, 2010

Rehabilitation Day 1: Fighting Colas FCE - First Signs of Progress!

I's the first day after Cola, my Miniature Schnauzer, got her FCE diagnosis and started her treatment, and there is already signs of progress! This morning my dog could support her own body for a few seconds, before collapsing. A great sign!

I finished her new harness and she had a walk in it this evening. At first she just stood still, concentrating on not falling. I used treats to lure her to try and take a couple of steps (or more like jumps in her case), and her confidence and mood went up several notches as she discovered that she could move around in this thing! She jumped a a couple of minutes before she decided to sit down and pee!! :))))) After that she was very tired.

I gave her TENS 3 times, and my husband trained “raise paw” with her to activate her front leg.
What a wonderful day! Todays progress supports the FCE diagnosis.

I'm planning to have her walk in the water walker treadmill Sunday.

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