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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Notes regarding Pentrexyl

Pentrexyl (Ampicillin) is a semi-synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic - a derivative of penicillin. Used when the animal needs to get antibiotics rapidly into the system-given as IV injection or IV infusion.

Works very well against anaerobic bacteria, and is therefore used after operations where e.g. intestines have been opened.

(Dissolve "Pentrexyl powder" in water (500 mg. in 5 ml water and 1 g. in 7,5ml water. Solution is given over a period of 5-10 minutes when injected and 20-30 minutes when infused.( IV.) Solution for injection must be used within one hour (2-8° C) and when used for infusion the solution must be used within 8 hours.)

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