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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grooming My Miniature Schnauzer's Coat For The First Time!

I took my time reading about it first, as I'm known to go a little overboard when I get a pair of scissors in my hand. Time and time again I've found myself in the bathroom, intending only to take a few centimeters of my fringe, ending up with a very short haircut. Not to mention this little ficus I once killed by going overboard with my trimming. I didn't want my baby to end up with no hair...so I took my time. :)

I found some great movies on YouTube. dogdayz was the one I got the most out of. Some sites that helped me a lot was Grooming The Schnauzer by Karen J. Brittans and grooming tips from Ykelenstams Miniature Schnauzers and Standard Schnauzer Club of America.

The miniature schnauzers have to be stripped if you are planning to show it. By stripping the coat the soft woolen undercoat is removed leaving only the wiry hairs. As I love my dog’s soft coat, and I won't be showing her, I decided to clip. She has been clipped before, and I don't even know if it is possible to strip a coat that has been clipped several times before.

I clipped my dog using an Oster clipper, size 10 and size 15 blades and a pair of scissors. The whole ordeal took a couple of hours and
I can see now that I have not clipped the head pattern strictly by the book, but I am still pretty satisfied with the result. I'm wondering if I should have made the arch of the "skirt" along the line of the nipples instead of her body though. This would have given her a very square look, as some of the nipples are sagging quite a bit, but then it would not be possible to see the nipples underneath the fringes.

I forgot to take a before photo, but I've provided a photo that gives an idea of how long her coat was before I started the grooming.

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